High Net Worth

“Tax, Trusts and Investment Opportunities”

That’s the language we use when we are talking with HNW directors…. And it gets appointments.

Talking about “pensions, investments and protection” alone doesn’t work. But we also realise that these products makes you money.

HNW Directors are looking for solutions which reduces their tax burden and occasionally some information about sexy investments.

We understand this market because we have booked circa 25000 appointments with directors on behalf of IFAs over the last 5 years.

But our success it’s not only down to our industry qualified staff – our existing data on 1,200,000 directors is both unique and powerful. Which allows t4 to target valuable HNW prospects on wealth, age, location etc..


Our standard terms are £250 + Vat for HNW leads with a £250 establishment fee for a campaign. We also offer Co-Sponsored HNW leads for £100 + Vat. Get in touch for more details.


If you require High Net Worth data, you can purchase 1000 contacts for £250 + VAT. Get in touch for more details.